Game Ben 10 Alien Rush online

Game Ben 10 Alien Rush

Game Ben 10 Alien Rush online.

A brave boy named Ben 10 now has to go through a real test, breaking through a huge number of alien creatures in the game Ben 10 Alien Rush. null To do this, you will have to accompany him, helping to move along the road, opening fire on everyone who gets in his way. null During your adventure, you will have the opportunity to transform into new characters all the time, collecting appropriate bonuses for this. null Be careful, on the road, besides the enemies? null There are other dangers that must be carefully overcome. null The longer you hold the X key responsible for the shot, the more powerful it will be, which will allow you to immediately destroy several enemies. null Go all the way to the end and then you will get a little respite before the new road, on which you expect even more enemies, which again have to cope alone. null

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