Game Cut The Rope Experiments online

Game Cut The Rope Experiments

Game Cut The Rope Experiments online.

Frog lives in a cozy and warm apartment with people. null After all, he is a decorative frog and he was bought at a pet store. null His owners from childhood he spoiled. null Therefore, our hero from childhood fell in love with various sweets and sweets. null He is ready to eat them by kilograms and quite often got into the kitchen to steal a couple of sweets. null Today in the game Cut The Rope Experiments we will help our hero in this adventure. null Before us on the screen will be seen candy hung on a rope. null Below will sit the hero of our game. null We need to carefully study what we see to do in such a way that, if the ropes break off, the candy falls into our mouth to our Frog. null To do this, we click on the rope we need, as it were, cut it and the candy will change its location. null Be careful and plan your moves correctly. null After all, if you do something wrong, then our hero can not eat candy. null

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