Game PengaJump online

Game PengaJump

Game PengaJump online.

Penguin Peng is very fond of ice cream and for the sake of what would be regal it is capable of many actions. null As if he went to the lake and saw that on rafts that swim over it, someone scattered a lot of ice cream balls. null Of course, our hero decided to collect all of them and we will help him in the game Penga Jump. null But not everything is so simple. null Rafts are in random order and you need to carefully review them to plan the movement of our hero so that when he jumps he gets on a nearby raft. null To do this, click on our hero and drag it to the desired raft. null If you do it right, you will collect all the items you need. null If you make a mistake, our hero will fall into the water and drown. null

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