Game Flip Diving online

Game Flip Diving

Game Flip Diving online.

In the world there are so many different kinds of sports related to water. null But today in the game Flip Diving we will jump into the water. null Before us on the screen will be seen our character standing on the rock. null Below we will see the water surface and two floating buoys. null They show us the place where we need to jump into the water. null Clicking on the hero, we will see how he will sit a little before the jump and a pulsating arrow will appear. null It is responsible for the trajectory of the jump and the force. null As soon as we put it out as it should and let go, our hero will jump into the water. null Each jump will be evaluated by points and if we did everything correctly, we will move to the next level. null This means that the height with which we will jump will increase, and we will need to perform various acrobatic stunts. null

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