Game TANKS Sci-Fi Battle online

Game TANKS Sci-Fi Battle

Game TANKS Sci-Fi Battle online.

Get the game TANKS Sci-Fi Battle, it has long been waiting for fans of tank battles. null To pass the level, you just need to destroy the enemies, be it towers, individual fighters or tanks. null On the field can be shelters, which can be used for both protection and attack. null The released shells have the feature of flying off the ricochet from the obstacles, which allows you to get the enemy even beyond the line of sight. null But keep in mind that the enemy has the same opportunity and will immediately use it. null It takes skill and dexterity, at first the game will seem difficult enough for you, you will feel the advantage of the enemy, but in reality your chances are equal, it all depends on skill, fighting skills and the ability to think strategically. null

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