Game Friendship Garden online

Game Friendship Garden

Game Friendship Garden online.

Join friends from the world of Nikladeon: the team of the puppy patrol, the girls of the jinn Shimmer and Shain, the fishes Guppy, the car Vspyshu. null They decided to break up the garden of friendship and ask for your help in the game Friendship Garden. null To plant fantastic flowers will have to work fruitfully. null The Gins had already chosen the site and prepared it for landing, Vyshnysh went to the collection of instruments. null Help the typewriter drive through the hills and valleys, collecting the golden wheels. null The main task is to find a shovel, rake and watering can. null At this time Guppies went to the forest to collect seeds from three kinds of flowers. null Puppy Chase will collect bird houses, colorful balloons and ornaments for the garden. null Having received seeds and tools, you can start planting plants. null Flowers, thanks to magic will grow instantly, and you arrange the garden, placing objects of design and characters. null

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