Game So Sakura: Back to School online

Game So Sakura: Back to School

Game So Sakura: Back to School online.

After resting on summer vacations, Sakura and her friends returned home and now they need to prepare for the first of September, after the summer comes autumn and it's time to go to school. null We are with you in the game So Sakura: Back to School help them get ready for this day. null Since our girlfriends are already high school students, they devote a lot of time to their appearance. null First we will help them to make the necessary cosmetic procedures with which they will put their skin, eyebrows and hair in order. null Then we will apply make-up with the help of cosmetics. null What it will depend only on you. null After that, we will start selecting clothes, shoes and various stylish accessories. null When we finish with our heroines, they will be able to go to school and shine there. null

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