Game Ben 10 Rust-bucket Rescue online

Game Ben 10 Rust-bucket Rescue

Game Ben 10 Rust-bucket Rescue online.

After Ben got the ability to turn into superheroes, his life changed completely. null It turns out that alien aliens visit the Earth with shoals, who are on reconnaissance, and who directly for attack and capture. null Some uninvited guests arrive and quietly wait for their hour, trying to hide among the earthlings. null Cecile is one of these villains, he lurked in the Nevada desert and today it was his turn to finish it. null A monster with a humanoid head and insect limbs, dared to steal the grandfather's van. null To the car did not go to the showdown, pursue the thief through the Valley of Death. null Ben will have to reincarnate in the fast-moving hero Lightning. null This creature of the race Kinseleran, who can run equally well over land and water, attack with a strong blow to the tail. null Use the character's abilities and sprinkle Cecil. null

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