Game Barbies Secret Crush online

Game Barbies Secret Crush

Game Barbies Secret Crush online.

At school, a new guy appeared and all the girls lost their heads, even the first beauty of Barbie. null To win the heart of handsome, the girl decided to organize a big ball and put on the best dress, the guy will not resist such a reliable weapon. null In the game Barbies Secret Crush you help the heroine to prepare, the girl in love does not want to rush and asks you to do everything the best way. null Start with the preparation of the face, it's time to remove excess hairs above the eyebrows, take care of the dark circles under the eyes and apply a tonal foundation to even the complexion. null Bright decorative makeup emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and the outline of the lips. null Particularly carefully approach the selection of dresses and ornaments. null Barbie wants to look like a queen and smash the object sighs on the spot. null

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