Game Princess Donuts Shop online

Game Princess Donuts Shop

Game Princess Donuts Shop online.

Following the princesses Anna and Elsa, Cinderella opened her donut shop. null In her kingdom did not know about such delicacies, and when they tried everyone liked it. null The trade went briskly and Cinderella needed an assistant. null Spending time in the store, its owner can not, the beauty of many other duties, so the heroine announced a contest for a vacant position. null You need an employee who not only can sell donuts, but also be able to beautifully decorate each product. null In the store a large set for jewelry: colored icing, chocolate, powder in the form of hearts, balls, stars, candied fruits, berries, colorful candy. null Show yourself, show what you are capable of, create not a donut, but a masterpiece of culinary art. null