Game Barbie and Ken Pin My Outfit online

Game Barbie and Ken Pin My Outfit

Game Barbie and Ken Pin My Outfit online.

Barbie periodically wakes up the designer's talent and she starts to decorate her clothes from the wardrobe, and at the same time she grabs Ken's jackets and shirts. null In the game Barbie and Ken Pin My Outfit you will help the fashionista and throw a couple of fresh ideas. null The heroine is going to decorate a denim jacket that has gone out of fashion. null At the bottom of the panel you will see various decor elements: crystals, appliqués, inscriptions, silver and gold rivets. null Fantasize and place decorations, decorating clothes. null The jacket will play with fresh colors and it will be better than it was. null Having transformed the maiden thing, take on Ken's shirt, it is also possible to make it super fashionable and stylish. null That's how a fashion couple will have two new things, in which they immediately go to a party. null

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