Game Glamorous Prom Party online

Game Glamorous Prom Party

Game Glamorous Prom Party online.

Girls love shine and glamor, and cheerful parties, where you can show your outfits and appear in all its glory. Two girlfriends in the game Glamorous Prom Party are going to a socialite party and a little worried. There will be gathered ladies from the higher world, it will not be easy to compete with them. But our beauties are not going to concede, they have firmly decided to outdo their attire all the fashionists present and eclipse them not only with beauty, but also with exquisite style. You are entrusted with an honorable and responsible mission - the transformation of girls from simpletons into secular lionesses. Make heroines make-up, hairstyles, pick up expensive jewelry, not jewelry. In dresses do not regret the brilliance, add stylish accessories.

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