Game Paris Instagram Selfie online

Game Paris Instagram Selfie

Game Paris Instagram Selfie online.

Modest Lady Bug and beautiful Rapunzel decided to spend the weekend in the most romantic city. Paris is known for its love of fashion and girls should not look bad. To all their girlfriends find out about such wonderful rest of the girls, they decided to make selfi and put it in the instagram. To make it look gorgeous, pick up the bright princesses in the Paris Instagram Selfie game. They will look great in the photo, if you choose not only outfits, but also stylish accessories. For each of the girls you can look amazingly fashionable costumes, decorate them with scarves or ornaments, which the girls managed to buy in the capital of fashion. You will like playing Selfi for instagrama in Paris on your mobile phone, because you certainly did not once do selfie, so you know how to look cool on it,

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