Game Tanque 3D: Sports online

Game Tanque 3D: Sports

Game Tanque 3D: Sports online.

You can play different sports games not only by people, but also by tanks, for example, as in the game Tanque 3D: Sports. In it you will be able to try your hand at three sports: Billiards, hockey and football. Choose your favorite discipline by setting your tank on it and start playing. In billiards you will need to score all the balls in the pocket, shooting the cue ball with your shells. You can move the tank to the billiard table. In hockey or billiards, you have to confront your opponent, trying to score a sports projectile in his goal and not to miss a goal in his. To do this, also have to shoot from the cannon, directing in the game Tanque 3D: Sports sports equipment in the right direction. Increase your skills in order to open new levels with stronger opponents.

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