Game Superhero doll manicure online

Game Superhero doll manicure

Game Superhero doll manicure online.

The work of super heroes is sometimes dirty in battles with villains for manicure is no time to follow, but the girl always remains herself and does not want to walk with ugly hands. Super Barbie always looks flawlessly from the fingertips to the polished boots polished to shine, so after a battle with the enemy she runs to the beauty salon to restore beauty. In the game Superhero doll manicure you are courting the beauty and will make her a full set of procedures. The nails of the girl look terrible, you have to work hard with a nail file, a brush, tweezers. Equalize, polish and apply a beautiful lacquer, decorate with a pattern. Make a mask for hands and decorate them with rings, and bracelets.

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