Game Barbie And Ken Nightclub Date online

Game Barbie And Ken Nightclub Date

Game Barbie And Ken Nightclub Date online.

You caught Barbie in the game Barbie And Ken Nightclub Date at a time when she was thinking about what to wear. Ken invited the girl to a date in a trendy nightclub, and the beauty sorted out the wardrobe in search of something special. The girl dreamed of getting into the institution, it opened recently and immediately won frenzied popularity. Celebrities shoals began to visit the club, and after admiring the rest and pouring praises to the owners. At the entrance, guards carefully inspect visitors and not miss, if the dress code is not appropriate. Barbie worries, although they are a frequenter of almost all fashionable establishments in the city. Help her find outfits, accessories and shoes, and for one check Ken and put him on so that the couple will not be late, touching the wardrobe.

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