Game Barbie`s Glossy Magazine online

Game Barbie`s Glossy Magazine

Game Barbie`s Glossy Magazine online.

Barbie is a famous fashionista, an icon of style for most girls. The doll has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge related to fashion styles, skin care, choice of cosmetics, clothing, accessories, all that makes the girls beautiful. This knowledge can be useful to millions of girls who want to become irreproachable, like Barbie, so the heroine decided to start publishing her own glossy magazine in Barbie`s Glossy Magazine. It should not just be beautiful and bright, but also useful for everyone who acquires it. You will have an honorable mission - choose the name that will become the business card of the publication. Choose a font, color, design and make the first cover with the image of the founder of the magazine - Barbie.

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