Game Elsa and Rapunzel Festival Getaway online

Game Elsa and Rapunzel Festival Getaway

Game Elsa and Rapunzel Festival Getaway online.

Elsa and Rapunzel have common hobbies - fashion and music. Princesses have long dreamed of attending a popular music festival and they managed to get tickets for the final concert. Beauties are worried, they want to prepare for the event. In addition, the girls want to show their friends new fashionable styles, which they learned recently, it's boho and eji. Picking out clothes, choose between styles and follow them exactly, using clothes that you find in the closet. Bintar style Angie is suitable for girls who are not afraid of experimentation. It combines a variety of street styles and allows you to express individuality, combining in a new way ordinary things. Style Boho is more like a hippie, but different in fact. In Boho, expensive things are combined with simple, shabby. Dress heroines and replenish your knowledge in fashion.

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