Game Rapunzel Ear Surgery online

Game Rapunzel Ear Surgery

Game Rapunzel Ear Surgery online.

How unpleasant it is when the ear hurts. You do not know where to put yourself off from pain! It was with these sensations that Princess Rapunzel woke up today in the game Rapunzel Ear Surgery. It is necessary to quickly save her from these unpleasant sensations, for which you will have to conduct a real operation on the ear of this princess. To do this, you will have to go to the operating room, where the patient is already and all the necessary tools. Looking inside the ear, you can see a large amount of dirt and bacteria, which are the cause of the pain. Use sequentially all the tools available in the game Rapunzel Ear Surgery so that the ear of our long-haired princess again becomes clean, which will allow the girl to enjoy life again.

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