Game Crusader Defence Level Pack II online

Game Crusader Defence Level Pack II

Game Crusader Defence Level Pack II online.

Crusaders again have to defend the holy land, the battle continues in the game Crusader Defense Level Pack II and you will lead it. Evil can not calm down, it breaks into any gap, looks for slack, waits for a convenient moment to attack and capture. Dark forces again gathered a huge army of drugged people, ready to go to death for the sake of mythical well-being. You will face a brutal confrontation, but not too much money. Arrange the soldiers that you can afford, so that the enemy could not reach the end of the road and most importantly - did not go to the gate of the castle. Knights, archers and cuirassiers will be helped by the traps that you will place on the way to the castle, but remember that they are temporary and quickly disappear.

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