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Game online.

For all fans of major battles and games on military topics, we want to introduce a new game TankWars. Io. In it you and I will end up in a world where the war is constantly going on and will take an active part in it. The main means that are used to fight here are various tanks. Having passed registration. You get your first tank and move to the location where they play the same as you players. Your task is to drive through it to destroy enemy vehicles. Try to approach the distance of the shot and shoot. In tanks there are places where armor is the least, so try to get to these places. Thanks to this you can quickly destroy the enemy. For you, too, will fire, so maneuver and knock down the sight to the enemy in this way. For the destruction of armored vehicles you will be given points. Spend them in the game store to buy new tanks or upgrade the old one.

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