Game Lego Batman Movie online

Game Lego Batman Movie

Game Lego Batman Movie online.

Batman does not have days off, crime in Gotem is not slumbering, it's worth the super hero to relax, as criminal elements come from all holes. In the game Lego Batman Movie you can help the hero to cope with the villains, playfully. We offer you five mini-stories, in which various villains appear. Batman will have to fight them with different methods, including unconventional ones. With the help of a special device, look for hidden enemies and shoot at him, pointing the sight. Do not let the Joker climb on a bunch of balloons over the city, he's going to spray a poisonous gas. Throw the sharp metal objects to destroy the balls, and the villain will slap to the ground. You have the opportunity to show dexterity and skill, fighting off fruit, there is a lot of interesting in front.

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