Game Gladiators of the Underworld online

Game Gladiators of the Underworld

Game Gladiators of the Underworld online.

In the game Gladiators of the Underworld you are a wizard, the keeper of ancient artifacts. You are called the gladiator of the underworld, because there are too many hunters on the treasure and among them black magicians are equal in strength to you. Rest do not wait, wishing to take possession of magic items a lot, it will not take long to wait. Meet the first invader and destroy him with all the strength of his power: both physical and magical. The underground world will become the arena of battle and there is for that. The protected chest is filled with powerful artifacts that can turn the world in a literal sense. Every magician wants to have unlimited power and power, but not all deserve it. Until the elected one appeared, try your best to protect valuables from encroachments. During short breaks between battles increase the level of combat capability and replenish magical powers.

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