Game Spongebob Ear Surgery online

Game Spongebob Ear Surgery

Game Spongebob Ear Surgery online.

Visitors to the Cafe Krusty Crabs began to notice that SpongeBob often improperly fulfills orders, and it often happens that it is impossible to shout to him. Bob himself was worried by the complaints that appeared and decided to go to the Bikini Bottom clinic to check out the rumor. A local surgeon examined the patient and diagnosed a complete absence of hearing on the left ear. SpongeBob was very upset, but the doctor calmed the patient - proper and effective treatment will help restore hearing, and Bob will again become healthy. It turns out that the ear is very clogged, bacteria appeared in it and made a whole settlement. The doctor has prepared the instruments, and you can act as an assistant in the game Spongebob Ear Surgery and help him cure the hero, completely clearing the ear of dirt and dangerous settlers.

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