Game Monkey Go Happly Stage 19 online

Game Monkey Go Happly Stage 19

Game Monkey Go Happly Stage 19 online.

The mood of our little monkey is again spoiled. In this, already nineteenth part of the game, you will visit the mysterious and very beautiful India. In India, our monkey met an elephant Bildo. They immediately became friends, because they have a lot in common. Bildo is engaged in the fact that he drives tourists, and also, is photographed with the kids. Today he again needs to go to work, but, a misfortune happened, he lost his hat. A monkey should help her friend. The old cap is no longer to be found, but you can buy a new one from the trader with all sorts of stuff. Also, you have to help the monkey to collect all his monkey brothers that were lost in the new country. Do it all and the monkey, and also, the elephant Bildo, will again become happy.

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