Game Blocky Sniper online

Game Blocky Sniper

Game Blocky Sniper online.

The sniper is an important fighting unit, it used to happen that the only accurate shot changed the outcome of the war. In the game Blocky Sniper you get a rifle, and with it, and an honorable place in the detachment of snipers. Events unfold after the arrival of a military helicopter. The commander of the military base will arrive at him, and then an enemy sortie will begin. Saboteurs will crawl from all the cracks like cockroaches, just have time to shoot, not allowing them to throw grenades on the territory. If the operation is successful, you can replace the weapon with a more modern one by buying it in the store. The sniper's job will be well paid if you show yourself as a classy shooter and will not miss when shooting at moving targets.

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