Game The Caribbean Sea 3D online

Game The Caribbean Sea 3D

Game The Caribbean Sea 3D online.

In the Middle Ages the Caribbean Sea was plowed by the ships of pirates and hunters. It was a time of bloody sea battles where mastery in the management of the ship solved very much. Today in the game The Caribbean Sea 3D we will play with you for the captain of the ship, which is in the service of the Spanish crown. Our brave hero plows the expanses of the sea and seeks pirates and other opponents of the crown. Meeting the ships of opponents, he lets them to the bottom. You need to be guided by the location radar to look for the enemy. Then, having brought your ship to them, shoot out all your guns. So you will drown the ships of enemies. But remember that for you, too, will fire, so dexterously maneuver on the ship leaving from under the blow of enemies.

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