Game City Moto Racer online

Game City Moto Racer

Game City Moto Racer online.

Within the city limits, it is not allowed to indulge in speed, this can cause an accident. But you are in a virtual world where many things are allowed and even motorcycle races on urban routes. Come into the game City Moto Racer and demonstrate your skills as a super rider. The first available bike is a model hunter. It will get to you for free, but if you want a car more abruptly, make money for it. It is both simple and difficult to do at the same time. Motorways in cities, as a rule, are overloaded with transport, developing a crazy speed, keep in mind that the road is not free. The rider will have to constantly loop between the cars, traveling much more slowly than you would like. Try to collect coins on the road to get the opportunity not only to buy a new motorcycle, but also to improve the performance of the available.

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