Game Chill the Piro Lite online

Game Chill the Piro Lite

Game Chill the Piro Lite online.

Firemen are courageous people fighting fire in any conditions and in any weather. After all, in every city there are always fires that carry with them destruction and chaos. Today in the game Chill the Piro Lite we will play with you for the brave young firefighter who arrived at the place of fire of one of the buildings in the city. Its task is to extinguish the fire and if it is necessary to save all people caught in a fiery trap in the building. To combat fire, you can use various items and of course water. Penetrate into the building and find there a fire safety shield, there are objects that will help you in the fight against fire. Keep track of the standard of living of our hero. After all, even though he is dressed in fireproof clothing, but fire is still capable of damaging him.

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