Game Kogama Roller Coaster World online

Game Kogama Roller Coaster World

Game Kogama Roller Coaster World online.

The boy Kogam again reminds himself, he does not want you to forget him and invites you to another trip in the game Kogama Roller Coaster World. This time the guy is going to arrange races on the roller coaster on small multi-colored typewriters. Together with the hero you will get to a wonderful place, similar to a multicolored labyrinth. In the dead ends there are cars that you can choose, on the tracks of the colored bands are coins, you will collect them when you sit behind the wheel and go explore the space on the wheels. If you walk on foot, you will see shining portals, they will transfer the character to different places where you can do parkour. There are a lot of opportunities, I do not want to leave the colored town.

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