Game Hex Empires online

Game Hex Empires

Game Hex Empires online.

Would you like to become the ruler of the whole planet? Did you have a desire to conquer the whole world? Today in the game Hex Empires you will have such an opportunity. We will get to you at a time when a new world war broke out on the ground and all countries began to conduct an expansion in the seizure of lands that are located nearby. You will be the ruler of one of the countries and will also fight. You need to build up your weapons and recruit as many soldiers as possible. Then, making moves, you will seize the nearest land and extract the resources you need from them. When you are ready to attack other countries and seize them. This way you will expand your territory. But remember that you will also be attacked, so you will not only have to attack, but also defend your country. Your development depends on your talent as a strategist.

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