Game Kogama Samiyoland online

Game Kogama Samiyoland

Game Kogama Samiyoland online.

Thanks to you baby Kogama has the opportunity to travel around the virtual world. Today, together with the energetic hero in the game Kogama Samiyoland, you will go to Samioland - a world consisting of labyrinths of roads. To navigate through the endless lines of routes stretching over the boundless ocean, you need to find transport. Go to the parking lot, there you will pick up the character of the vehicle on the jet thrust. The car has no wheels, it hovers about half a meter above the ground and develops a great speed. For management, you need the dexterity and dexterity that you will get by flying a short distance. Sometimes the roads are interrupted, if you can not jump through the gaps, you can swim in your car, the water will not spoil the car's details.

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