Game The Wakening online

Game The Wakening

Game The Wakening online.

Quite often, we all like to go somewhere with a tent to the forest and relax outdoors in nature. Usually we set up a camp there for recreation, put up tents and build a fire to cook various delicious things. But imagine that you woke up in the morning, and your camp is completely empty. All who were with you disappeared and it is not clear what happened. Today in the game The Wakening you will fall into this situation and you will have to find out what happened. Turn on the flashlight and look around. On the ground things can lie. Who either tell you what to look for, or just come in handy in this adventure. Then explore the dark forest, it conceals in itself the gloomy secrets of what happened. If you are careful and find all the tips, you will be able to find out what really happened.

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