Game Smurfs Archery online

Game Smurfs Archery

Game Smurfs Archery online.

A few smurfs decided to go to the magic forest to look for berries there. Walking through the forest, they accidentally came across a clearing and they were attacked by an aggressive tribe of mushrooms. But our heroes did not lose their heads and quickly built their own bows and climbed to the roots of one of the trees occupied the defense. We will help them to shoot back from the mushrooms. On the screen we will see how our characters will fly mushrooms and if at least one of them touches smurfik, he will die. You need to determine the primary goals and click on the character we need. Then he will pull the bow and shoot an arrow that will knock the mushroom off. If you need to shoot several times. With every minute the speed of occurrence of objects will arise, so be extremely collected and attentive in order to be in time.

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