Game Mr. and Mrs. C's Melody Maker online

Game Mr. and Mrs. C's Melody Maker

Game Mr. and Mrs. C's Melody Maker online.

Parents of the little girl Chiki Mister and Mrs. K often visit the bench of Mr. Kelly's suits. Here you can find everything you need and even more. But in the Mr. And Mrs. C's Melody Maker before the couple is quite a definite goal - to buy musical instruments. They want to instill Chico's daughter with a love of music, but for this, she must choose the instrument that she will study. There is a lot of interesting things in the shop, and in the beginning you can collect everything that you like, but then you need to select from the collected objects only those that relate to music. Out of twenty items, select nine and, as a reward for diligence, Ms. K will dance for you, select the movements on the upper horizontal panel.

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