Game Honor & Duty 2 Legendary Assassin online

Game Honor & Duty 2 Legendary Assassin

Game Honor & Duty 2 Legendary Assassin online.

The most famous movie mercenaries appear before you in the game Honor & Duty 2 Legendary Assassin. The legendary James Bond, the intrepid John Wick, the ever young Barney Ross, will fade in front of you after you complete all the missions assigned. You - the commander of the combat unit sent to the enemy rear with the goal of destroying the enemy. Behind long months of trainings and now you are ready to any tests. Select any of the character classes. The medic is responsible for health in the unit and is ready to drop the medicine chest if necessary, the engineer is responsible for the delivery of ammunition. The sniper is the main figure, his accurate shot from a long distance will remove any opponent and will ensure the team a safe passage.

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