Game Spongebob Shave Time online

Game Spongebob Shave Time

Game Spongebob Shave Time online.

Sponge Bob somehow unnoticeably matured and in the game Spongebob Shave Time you will see a completely new, serious Bob. Say goodbye to his reckless fun, stupid antics, before you bearded uncle, going to a solid job. Now he will not stand at the stove and cook the crabbers, but go to the office and take a seat at the table. Let's help the hero to put himself in order. His thick beard is slightly neglected, to say the least. I'll have to use all available tools: scissors, razor, forceps. Under the hair will be found worms and cuts. Remove unnecessary substances and treat wounds. Updated SpongeBob's need to dress up in a solid suit and hand the daddy.

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