Game Carrot Crisis online

Game Carrot Crisis

Game Carrot Crisis online.

Rabbits like to eat carrots and Bugs Bunny - not an exception. He adores the sweet vegetable, but he does not like planting and caring for him. Therefore, the cunning rabbit periodically raids Yosemite Sam's garden. In the game Carrot Crisis, you will help Bunny to sneak carrots. To pass the level, you need to collect a certain amount of vegetables and not be caught. Sam periodically goes to the garden, he knows the eared thief and does not want to remain without a crop. Help the rabbit pull out the carrots, if you see that the owner is approaching, quickly hide in the burrow, Baggz dug them in advance, just in case. You can go to the other side while Yosemite checks the possessions.

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