Game Math Lines Integers online

Game Math Lines Integers

Game Math Lines Integers online.

Whoever refuses to play in the zoom, she has a lot of admirers. In the game Math Lines Integers we offer you an unusual puzzle game that will not only amuse you, but also will make you think and count in your mind. Your brains will move, and those who do not get along with arithmetic, thanks to the zoom will become inveterate mathematicians. On the field there was a snake from multi-colored balls, it steadily moves to the hole to hide there forever. Your task is not to allow the snake to survive. Previously, you selected a level with a specific number. It means the amount that should be obtained in combination with the ball emitted from the gun and the fact that it will collide with it. This will remove the ball from the chain. Ability to quickly count and look for beneficial combinations you will need.

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