Game Alex 4 online

Game Alex 4

Game Alex 4 online.

Meet the alligator Alex in the game Alex 4, he went on a journey not of his own free will. The river, where he had lived well for many years, began to melt. The crocodile was too big for her, he could no longer hide under water. It was time to find another home, and the hero set out on a journey overland through the jungle. On the river and on the shore, Alex did not have enemies, he could stand up for himself using the surprise factor. At any moment, he could hide in the water and lie in wait for the victim. Moving to land, Alex became vulnerable, large predators became a threat to him. Gorillas decided to take advantage of the situation and will try to take revenge on the cayman. Help the hero to pass the road, overcome obstacles, and eat fruit.

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