Game Gardening with Caillou online

Game Gardening with Caillou

Game Gardening with Caillou online.

Kai noticed that his father pays daily his yard and garden, he heals the beds, plants new plants, destroys the weeds. The boy wanted to help Dad and invited you to join in order to learn gardening. The father has already dug up beds, you only need to choose seeds or sprouts from the catalog. Think about what you want to grow: a fruit tree, a beautiful flower or a healthy vegetable. Plant the seeds and take care of them, otherwise they can dry out from lack of moisture or stop in growth due to lack of fertilizers. Water, fertilize and drive away harmful insects, and when you see butterflies, prepare the pruner to cut the crop. Play along with Kai in Gardening with Caillou and you will become a true gardener.

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