Game Pixel Kart online

Game Pixel Kart

Game Pixel Kart online.

Do not look, that our cars in the game Pixel Kart are small and unpresentable. With the skillful management of the cards quickly domchat you to the finish and will ensure victory. The game you need to play together, it is this mode is the most fun and will provide you a rush of adrenaline. Select the color of the machine, the control arrows are in the left and right lower corners and correspond to the color of the chosen car. The car will move at a constant speed, and you have to deftly fit it into the turns, otherwise it rests against a barrier and stays on the spot. It is necessary to drive five laps, bypassing the tires lying on the road and avoiding dynamic obstacles. Until the last round of the winner is difficult to determine, especially if both rivals are strong.

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