Game Goat in The Cave online

Game Goat in The Cave

Game Goat in The Cave online.

Kozochka peacefully grazed in the clearing, lazily chewing juicy grass. She felt hot and the goat decided to go up to the tree, and lie down in the shadow of its sprawling branches. Along the way, she saw a hole in the ground and thrust a curious nose into it, hooves slid down the grass and the animal fell into a hole. The poor fellow flew long enough, and when she landed, she checked that she had not hurt anything and was looking around. It was carried into a dark damp cave, but it's good to see that there was an exit nearby and you just need to get to it. Help the captive in Goat in The Cave to get to the surface as quickly as possible, you'll have to go through many levels, jump over the terrible sharp spikes. Staying in the cave is dangerous, it is not known for whom the traps are designed, but they are not accidental.

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