Game Nickelodeon Haunted house builder online

Game Nickelodeon Haunted house builder

Game Nickelodeon Haunted house builder online.

Bikini Bottom is intensely preparing for Halloween, and sponge Bob in general has conceived a grandiose performance. To make it possible the hero asks you to help in the conceived. The idea is to transform from an old abandoned mansion, standing on the outskirts of the town, a real haunted house. Bob wants to set up an eerie place that will frighten and at the same time attract the inhabitants of the lagoon. Get down to business, before you an old house, insert windows and doors, let them flash white clothes of ghosts and eerie faces. Add cobwebs, a descending spider and bats. SpongeBob has already chosen a vampire suit for himself and will be an appropriate addition to the scenery in the Nickelodeon Haunted house builder.

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