Game Combat Pixel Vehicle Zombies online

Game Combat Pixel Vehicle Zombies

Game Combat Pixel Vehicle Zombies online.

Peaceful life of the world of Mayncraft is a thing of the past, because in the labyrinths appeared bloodthirsty monsters - zombies. These are the former usual characters, but after becoming infected with the virus, they became wandering dead, searching for the victim. Start the movement in the game Combat Pixel Vehicle Zombies and while the character is armed only with a pistol. But enough to get to the box with weapons and the hero will be able to purchase a gun, and after it earns money to destroy the zombies, it will be possible to acquire a more serious weapon. When you collide with monsters, shoot. Getting injured is inevitable, so look for first aid kits to heal. For actions, the E key is required, the movement is arrows, and the shooting - with the mouse.

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