Game Kogama: FNaF vs KoGaMa online

Game Kogama: FNaF vs KoGaMa

Game Kogama: FNaF vs KoGaMa online.

The world of Kogam was invaded by characters from another game universe and now most of the territory is engulfed in war. You in the game Kogama: FNaF vs KoGaMa will participate in this conflict. You will have the opportunity to choose the side for which you will play. After that you will get to the location where fights will take place. Immediately try to find yourself a weapon and only then move forward in the direction of the enemy. On detection, immediately shoot and try to quickly kill the enemy. For you, they will also shoot so search for items that can be used as shelter. Collect first-aid kits and other items that will help you in combat.

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