Game Cow Boy Bheem online

Game Cow Boy Bheem

Game Cow Boy Bheem online.

The boy Chota lives in India, but this does not mean that he can not get carried away by the culture of the Wild West. The hero adores movies about cowboys and he does not mind being a brave guy on a horse in a cowboy hat. One day his dream came true, the boy miraculously moved in time and found himself in the image of the sheriff of a small town in Cow Boy Bheem. All that the hero dreamed of: hat, clothes and even Colt with him and even more. The newly-made cowboy will have to clear the city of the bandits who have settled in the bank. The robbers staged a robbery, but they could not leave, they were detained by the guard of order - Chota, and you will help him. Shoot on windows, doors and balconies, everywhere, where there will be vile faces of bandits.

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