Game Pakdam Pakdai Duck Hunting online

Game Pakdam Pakdai Duck Hunting

Game Pakdam Pakdai Duck Hunting online.

Meet the characters of the Indian cartoon series in the game Pakdam Pakdai Duck Hunting. Doggy Don is a dog, and Marley is a big fat rat. Today they do not feud, and together they fight with a flock of wild ducks. Thanks to these two funny characters, you will visit the duck hunting and help them to successfully hunt. Watch out for the tall grass and the trees, birds can appear from everywhere, they quickly take off and are lost in the clouds, have time to aim and shoot, and Don will find the prey and deliver it straight into your hands. Do not worry that the dog will not have time to pick up the game, focus on the goals, so as not to miss the birds, their number will increase.

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