Game Motu Patlu King Of Kings 3 online

Game Motu Patlu King Of Kings 3

Game Motu Patlu King Of Kings 3 online.

Motu and Patla ambushed Javal Singh's bandits in the reserve when they tried to steal rare animals. Friends were armed only with horns, but they managed to upset the poachers' plans. They abandoned the idea and decided to catch up with friends who dared to confront the bandits armed to the teeth. The only rescue of the heroes will be a very fast run. It is not known how the fat man Motu will be saved, you will help Patl. He is already running at full speed on the forest road. The henchmen of Sin arranged for blockages, set traps and patrols to catch those who were annoyed by them. Manage the character so that he successfully skirted the hedges, jumped and squeezed under the logs in Motu Patlu King Of Kings 3.

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