Game Chhota Bheem Kick the Baddies online

Game Chhota Bheem Kick the Baddies

Game Chhota Bheem Kick the Baddies online.

Chota found out that the Dholakpur kingdom would soon be attacked by insidious attacks. Enemies are flattering bandits, they have long been plotting an operation to seize the village and are now going to implement the plan. The boy found out about it too late, he does not have time to inform adults and call for help, so you will become his main support in the game Chhota Bheem Kick the Baddies. The weapon and the guy also is not present, but he actively goes in for sports, and any sports projectile in skilful hands becomes the terrible tool. Chokht had a football in his hand, he would beat the bandits to them. Watch the bushes if you see a protruding robber, throw him a ball and earn points.

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